hot and cold behavior

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  1. It was a chilly Sunday evening, and I was excited to see my girlfriend. We had planned to go on a romantic date, just the two of us. As I arrived at the restaurant, I noticed something was off. She barely acknowledged my presence and kept scrolling through her phone. When I asked her if everything was alright, she brushed me off and gave me the cold shoulder. Throughout the entire evening, my girlfriend remained distant and aloof. I tried to make conversation, but she would only give me one-word answers. I couldn’t help but feel hurt and confused. What had I done wrong? Was it something I said or did? As we left the restaurant, I tried to reach out to her again, but she just walked ahead of me without looking back. I felt my heart sink as I realized that my girlfriend was treating me coldly for no apparent reason. It was a painful experience, and I couldn’t shake off the feeling of rejection and sadness.

  2. Oh, I understand you. The person who hurt your soul does not deserve your attention and your worries. Be strong and never give up!

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