15 Relationships Rules. Essential Dos and Don’ts

When we start talking about relationships, it’s vital to do it right and follow simple rules that can deepen your partner’s connection. There is a lot of information that you can find on the Internet. However, how to find the right do’s and don’ts that we should focus on showing how much you appreciate him or her? We have decided to list out some basic rules that couples should follow to deepen their relationship.

Relationships Rules: DOs

Be real 

It seems like a common thing, but we often start to shape ourselves based on another person’s behavior.

Relationships Rules be real

When we are dating someone, we often want to impress the person while doing the things that we don’t commonly do in real life. Being real helps a couple understand how well they match each other. If there are things that irritate you, it’s better to discuss them at the beginning of your relationships.

Be honest

If you value your relationship, you need to be honest with your partner. When you lack honesty in your relationships, you won’t establish a perfect balance between the two of you. Being open and truthful at the beginning of your relationship will help you select a strong foundation for your romance. It’s one of the simplest but super powerful relationships rules.

Know your partner’s love language 

When you are in a relationship, it’s essential to understand the love language of your partner. What things do they like, and how do they express it? Many couples have conflicts because they speak different love languages and do not understand each other. It prevents them from spending quality time together. Many couples lack intimacy because they cannot understand one another. Once you understand your partner’s love language and can speak it, you will understand each other better and notice the positive effect it has on your relationships.  


No games 

When you are in a relationship, it’s essential to be real. When you play games and try to cheat on your partner, your relationship is likely to fall apart. Such games can result in your dishonesty and lack of trust between you and your beloved person. If you value your relationship, it’s vital to develop confidence, honesty, and effective communication. 


Men and women react to different things differently. To communicate with your partner effectively, you need to understand him or her perfectly well. Since women are more emotional, they expect their partners to talk and share their emotions as well. To strengthen your relationships, you need to learn how to be an effective communicator with your love match. 

Understand the difference between men and women

Men and women have different characteristics, both physically and mentally. Most men enjoy staying alone when they are stressed. Women enjoy talking to others when they do not feel okay. When you don’t understand the difference between men and women, you may become really frustrated when you cannot understand your partner’s behavior. 

Take care of yourself

When we are in relationships, we become overly focused on how much energy you share with your partner that we forget about taking care of ourselves.

Take care of yourself - relationships rules

When you are in a relationship, do not forget to develop your mind, body, and soul. Don’t let go of who you are only because you are dating someone. Continue to do and love the things you enjoy. 

Turn off the TV 

It’s OK to watch TV with your partner. However, things get worse when you allow the TV to be part of your relationship. According to BBC Television may ruin your family.

Turn off the TV when you want to spend some time together with your partner or simply have fun. You’d better go outside or play a board game at home. There are so many ways for you to nourish your relationship.

Show your appreciation

Show your appreciation for what your partner does. It will deepen the connection between the two of you.

Show your appreciation - relationships rules

When your partner does something and doesn’t feel that it makes any sense for you, they won’t continue doing the same because they don’t see it makes sense for you. Once you start taking something for granted, your partner will eventually stop being motivated. Express your appreciation for small things every day. Thanking your partner for coming home early or making a cup of tea for you will keep them encouraged to love and support you even more. 

Relationships Rules: DON’Ts 

Don’t curse at each other

Calling your partner a hurtful word will stick to their memory, and even the most sincere apology cannot erase what you’ve said or done. Words hurt a lot. Even when you are mad with your partner, don’t curse at each other. 

Don’t bring up partners from the past

Don’t compare your partner with a girl or a boy you dated in the past. It can hurt and upset your love match a lot. There is nothing worse than being compared to another person, saying what made your ex better, what was he good or bad at, etc. 

Don’t make threats

Threats will hardly lead to positive results.

Don’t make threats

Saying something like “I dare you to try to get along without me!” or “If you do or don’t do this, then I will do or not do that…” you can put a lot of doubt into your partner’s mind about the future of your relationship. It can even lead to a breakup. 

Don’t generalize

Phrases that start with “You always…” or “You never…” sound hurtful and not true. Even if your partner did something wrong, find a better way to say what you didn’t enjoy about his actions. For example, instead of saying that he never compliments you, you may say something like “It makes me feel better when you compliment me.”

Don’t focus on the past

When you are trying to resolve the current problems, addressing the issues that you had in the past is not helpful and wrong. You’d better focus on the present moment instead. It’s unfair to ask your partner to defend himself for the things he failed to do months ago. 

Don’t go to bed with unresolved issues

It’s a bad idea to sleep next to someone you are mad with. It’s also one of those obvious relationships rules.

Don’t go to bed with unresolved issues

Try to resolve your issue for as long as it takes and declare a peace treaty until the following day. 

Don’t argue in the bedroom

Your bedroom should be used for sleeping, reading, snacking, and love. It should be a place of peace. Arguing and fighting in the bedroom fills the room with negative energy, which can negatively affect your relationships. 

Don’t yell in front of your kids 

Don’t let your kids feel scared when you scream in front of them.

family fight

They may be scared by the loud sounds and disruptions, especially when they don’t understand what went wrong. 

Don’t give you partner a silent treatment for weeks

Some people can give their partners the silent treatment for several days and weeks. Instead of trying to resolve the conflict, they increase tension, which makes it unbearable to live in the same home and sleep in one bed. It’s childish to keep silent for days. Better calm down and discuss the issue with your partner. 

Final words 

These are top 15 dos and don’ts. Do you want to start your relationship on a dating site. Check this article: Safe Online Dating. What are other relationship rules worthy of being mentioned on the list? Please drop a line in the comments with your do’s and don’ts.

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