What Happens When a Girl Gets Turned On?

Sex is not just a beautiful and exciting way to interact with other individuals but also a cycle of sexual replies. Most of us consider things we go through when having sex as a kind of chemistry however, there are specific processes in a body that make us feel certain ways. The level of hormones, sensations, and blood circulation changes not only during actual sexual intercourse but also when we get turned on. But what happens when a girl gets turned on? To have mind-blowing sex it is crucial to get a proper sexual education as an understanding of how your body works and responses to different actions provide you with total control over the act of love thus improving your sexual life. 

The turning-on process is electrifying and is similar to a bulb flashing – when you make a move to direct the power supply to the bulb and glow it to high temperature. The way you act towards your partner affects the speed and intention of arousal which, in turn, affects the quality of sex. 

There are 4 stages in a cycle of sexual response that you should know to understand the chemistry of sex and to acquire the ability to improve it naturally.  

The First Stage is a Desire to Have Sex

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The second you realize you want sex is an actual beginning of a sexual response cycle. That is the time when your brain tells your body to get ready to have sex. This stage is different for men and women in terms of experience and its physical manifestation. Actually, the way a girl gets turned on depends on the stage of the relationship. It is common for girls in new relationships to feel a spontaneous desire to have sex with a partner, that is when passionate and flashy sex takes place. So, beware of friendzone.  Still, there are survey results that suggest a desire comes after female arousal. When reading sex-related surveys and articles, always keep in mind that it is not the simplest thing to describe your feelings so you shouldn’t consider it as an axiom but watch your girl and be as attentive to her needs and desires as possible. 

Some girls get turned on when meeting their partner straight away when others start to feel the desire to have sex moments before penetration. Also it happens quite often in the case of NSA relationships. Here are the signs our girl has a desire to have sex with you:

  • a speed up pulse;
  • a fast-track breathing;
  • flushing skin;
  • her labia majora becomes much plumper because of an intense blood flow to her clitoris – that is how women get erect;
  • her perineum becomes wet – the same blood flow boosts the vaginal lubrication;
  • erect and sensitive nipples;
  • muscle tension – an orgasm indicator.  

The Second Stage is Arousal or Plateau

kiss What happens when a girl gets turned on?

During this stage of a sexual response cycle, your girl’s brain works hard processing all of her feelings and emotions. A brain is clever and it focuses her attention on that orgasm she needs to get so she can forget all her worries and stress factors. By that time, you can feel an extreme muscle tension as her mind and body is willing to get the pleasure any minute. She may also grab sheets, make hands into fists, spread legs even wider, and make an awkward facial expression – all of this is natural and even great. This is a stage of her clitoris metamorphosis – it becomes extremely sensitive so you should be careful with it and avoid overstimulation, otherwise you cause discomfort to your girl. 

The Third Stage is an Orgasm


Despite the fact girls still find sex exciting and pleasing without an orgasm, most guys get frustrated when they don’t make girls come. This is the most thrilling part of sex for both, women and men as who won’t enjoy watching his girl getting satisfied? When a girl comes, her blood pressure changes, as well as her heartbeat and breath speed. All of the mentioned points reach the peak during orgasm. That is the time when a girl feels extreme bliss and connection with her partner which happens because of an oxytocin production expansion. It is fine if her muscles get convulsed. The high level of stress reduction and de-escalation are commonly seen as an aspect of female orgasm. 

The Fourth Stage is a Resolution

nsa dating What happens when a girl gets turned on?

This is a phase of a sexual response cycle when her mind and body go back to “normal”. We need to admit, that is the time men and women can see the most difference in their perspective of sex as there are lots of women that are able to go through the plateau and orgasm stages several times and reach the resolution stage much later. If you are dealing with a multi-orgasmic woman you need to practice rotation of tension and speed of your motions during sex so you could bring to her all the pleasure she can handle.  

It is a very common thing for girls to cuddle and snuggle after sex because of an oxytocin level growth. Even when feel tired or even exhausted – you should not neglect your girl’s extra attention after sex as it might offend her. 

Psychologies say that relationship satisfaction affects a female sexual response as well as her previous sexual experience. The lack of spiritual connection with a partner, conflicts, reduction of self-confidence, and lots of other psychological factors can affect the sexual function of any girl negatively.  

Girls are much more susceptible when it comes to stimulation so well-thought foreplay is a key to your girl’s best satisfaction. Take your time and effort to turn your girl on as will bring your sex life to the next level.

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