Alpha Female: 10 Signs and Traits of Independent Woman

What woman is considered ideal for all men? Is she beautiful and sexy, or maybe smart and intelligent? Each man has his own ideal of a chosen one, however, there are alpha females who leave a mark in the memory of a guy for a long time.

Strong and independent women have always been the object of attention of both men and the public. Even though their life path was not strewn with rose petals, they always became role models. After all, the very essence of the alpha woman is amazing and exciting. Agree, it’s always nice to be in the company of a person who demonstrates a balanced sense of self-worth.

Alpha female definition: an alpha girl knows exactly what she wants and who she is. Such representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are strong-willed and purposeful, they have a high level of self-organization, and they always take a competitive position in life, striving to be only the first in everything. In addition, alpha women are wonderful mothers, they correctly choose the path of life for their children.

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What are Alpha Female Traits?

An alpha woman is a woman who has her own characteristics. She is not like an ordinary woman, her personality and psychology are different. Alpha females have a more masculine mentality than feminine one, so we can say that they think like men. Accordingly, it is easier for men to communicate and understand such women. Many men believe that it is great luck to meet such a girl on their way, and here’s why.

1. She knows what she wants

Based on the alpha female meaning, such a woman is always confident in herself and in her abilities, she always knows that she can achieve everything, despite the opinion of society. She does not manipulate, does not control a man, she always knows what she wants. The alpha female will not choose for her duty what to wear or what cocktail to drink at the bar. This is the habit of any independent woman both in life and in relationships. She does not hide something from men, does not speak in riddles, she always knows what she wants.

2. She never plays mind games

According to alpha female characteristics, it is possible to say that she never plays mind games with a man in a relationship, and many guys respect this in the character of an alpha female. Such women value their time and the time of others very much, therefore they do not consider it right to spend it on showdowns, silences, or quarrels. If she does not like something, she finds it out immediately and does not delay it for the future. With all the quarrels and misunderstandings in a relationship, she is used to sorting it out right away.

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3. She looks great at any age

Alpha women always know that they are beautiful at any age. They are not afraid to grow up, because over the years they only become wiser, more experienced, and happier. They do not worry about wrinkles and not as smooth skin as they would like, because they have the right care for their appearance. Shine in the eyes, the confident gait of alpha women attracts men at any age. A lot of guys are simply delighted with how alpha women can hide their age.

4. She’s ready to experiment

A man will never be bored with an alpha female, especially in sex. After all, she will be interested in pleasing herself and her lover. She doesn’t have to be coaxed for hours on end. Such a woman will never have excuses like a sore head or a hard day. She will be ready to pounce on her man even in the most extreme and unexpected places. Next to such a companion, adrenaline will go off the scale for every member of the stronger sex. It is for the sake of these women that men are ready for anything.

5. She can admit her own and others’ mistakes, apologize, and accept apologies

We all make mistakes. It’s just that some people always deny their obvious or, worse, fall into aggression (the more so, the more serious their own mistake). Others find the strength to admit that they are wrong. Whats an alpha female? She knows how to apologize – so as not to humiliate herself and not humiliate another person. She also usually accepts the apology in such a way that what happened only makes the relationship stronger and stronger.

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Signs of an Alpha Female: How to Recognize That You Met Her?

Girls with alpha personalities are different from ordinary women. There are certain signs by which you can determine that you met just such a woman on your way. Take this alpha female quiz to clarify everything at once:

1. Alpha woman always knows what they want to achieve

Both alpha male and alpha female always have goals. For an alpha girl, life is not only an exciting adventure but also the realization of any of her goals. The material or spiritual goals that she sets for herself are more than just what she would like to achieve. These are the achievements that define her personality. She lives with specific goals in all areas of their life and has clear plans for their implementation. She perseveres regardless of the circumstances or trials that come in life. No single day goes by without her knowing how and what she will do.

2. She’s always in the spotlight

As for alpha personality female, she is quite self-confident no matter where she is or what she is doing. Such a girl will always be at the center of the attention of those with whom she contacts. In a circle of friends or colleagues, she can easily be the one who shares interesting stories and makes everyone laugh uncontrollably. She grabs the attention of people and captivates them with her energy, her balance, and her all-encompassing gift of social power.

3. She always takes care of herself

Alpha woman constantly takes care of her body and health, as she understands that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. She does not stop developing intellectually, and constantly discovers something new and unknown. Despite her excessive busyness, she always finds time, at least once a week, to engage in spiritual practices.

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4. She never gives up

What is an alpha female? Never giving up is the most amazing quality of an alpha woman. This character trait allows her to be successful and distinguishes her from most ordinary women. Even if fate prepares difficulties for her every day, she keeps doing her best until she achieves her goal. Such woman knows that confidence, perseverance, and courage are the three pillars on which success in life rests.

5. Alpha female always looks “expensively” 

An alpha woman is always able to stand out even with her appearance and good taste. Even without huge expenses for clothes and a beautician, she will look more expensive than young ladies in branded clothes for thousands of dollars. Such a companion is well aware of the shortcomings and advantages of her figure. Therefore, she will choose proper accessory only taking into account her own appearance. The woman will not select too provocative clothes and will not put on tons of jewelry. However, such a lady will never look poor even with a minimal budget.

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Top 5 Tips for Dating an Alpha Female

Having met an alpha woman, a man realizes that she is not like other women. When he decides to try dating her, he may have thoughts about how to properly deal with an alpha female in relationship to attract her attention and build a relationship. We have prepared for you the top 5 most important tips that you should consider when dating an independent lady.

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1. Be self-confident

According to Philip Zimbardo, author of the book “How to overcome shyness”, guys on dates experience shyness, incredulity, and even a desire to leave. Try to overcome these feelings. Don’t focus on the outcome of the conversation, start talking and enjoy the moment. Be confident, but don’t turn the conversation into an endless listing of your accomplishments. Alpha women prefer confident men who can keep up a conversation but are not too talkative.

2. Talk to her directly

The alpha female likes to talk directly. She is very impatient with metaphors, allusions, and empty words. She is a person of action and respects only those who love themselves and know how to solve problems. If you need something from her, tell directly, do not look for workarounds. 

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3. Compliment her

All men should know that women love with their ears. Try to say nice words to her often, and do not criticize her. The fact is that society has already hung a bunch of obligations on women: you need to be beautiful, well-groomed, feminine, keep your posture, and train your gait. For a woman, an alpha will be especially pleased to hear a compliment from a man for whom she feels sympathy. It is not necessary to come up with something abstruse, just be careful. Then the phrase “You have a cool dress today” will sound better than any memory verse.

4. Be yourself

Do not create an image that does not correspond to reality. Demonstrate honesty and let the alpha female know what you expect from communication with her – easy flirting without obligations, friendship, or personal acquaintance, and further development of relations. Alpha women value honesty and openness, so tell her right away about your intentions.

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5. Give a lot of attention to her

A strong woman does not forgive inattention. This, of course, can be said about any lady, but it is especially important for an alpha woman to feel valuable and desirable to a man. You can’t ignore such a woman for a week, and then give her a bouquet and assume that she will forget everything. Such female needs attention, so do nice things for her more often.

Final Thoughts

Alpha women are strong and purposeful individuals who are distinguished by their charisma, strength of character, and self-confidence. Many men consider such females to be their ideal. If you have met a woman who has all the signs that we have described above, it means that you deal with an alpha woman. Relationship with her is a deliberate act, and we hasten to say that it was the right decision to read our article before dating an alpha female.

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