12 Dating Red Flags One Cannot Ignore

Every man has different dating red flags, still, there are some peculiarities of women that psychologists recommend to get an eye on. Most dating red flags are types of behavior that may cause deterioration of relationships in the future. 

Romantic feelings suppress the ability to think critically, and hormones make us feel excellent during this blinded by the love period. That is the phase of relationships when people tend to ignore red flags. Still, you need to be honest with yourself and realize that it is almost impossible to change another person. Try to keep your emotions in check to see the dating red flags so you could escape toxic relationships. This is especially important for those who want to get married. 

12 Dating Red Flags

Below, you will find 12 dating red flags that specialists recommend to pay attention to when dating a woman.

12 Dating Red Flags One cannot Ignore
  1. She is a drama queen. Beware of women that describe themselves as drama queens as she might become a real headache. Drama queens seem very attractive and seductive at the beginning, but that is not the ultimate reason to participate in relationships with a mentally unstable person. 
  2. You can’t stand her friends. It is not about being best friends with all her mates. But if you feel sick even thinking of meeting her friends, that is the reason for concerns. They say you are who your friends are. Consequently, your girlfriend has the same interests and temper as her friends. Maybe that means you crush on her because of her stunning body and can’t be annoyed by her behavior because of the intense sympathy.  In that case, there is a chance for you to get that feeling later when the first stage of falling in love is over. 
  3. She calls all her exes morons. It is possible that every single ex-boyfriend of your new crush was a moron. So, maybe she is that kind of woman that would interest a loser? But you are not one of them. It is more likely that she tries to through responsibility for failed relationships with her exes. That means she can’t think critically of herself and doesn’t want to take responsibility for her failures in the future as well. 
  4. She is rude to waiters. You can tell a lot about a person from the way he or she treats service personnel. Psychologists say you could judge a person’s conscience, morality, and empathy by how nice he/she is to strangers.   
  5. You argue all the time. Conflicts take place in any relationship. However, when you see all you do together is fighting, that is a problem. If you don’t feel happy during the crush period, there is a low chance it is getting better in the future. 
  6. She gets angry when you want to spend some time with your friends. Don’t waste your time with someone who doesn’t respect your personal boundaries and believes she has the right to limit your communication with friends. A sweet and caring girlfriend will push you to meet friends so you both can miss each other and look forward to a date. 
  7. She makes no apology for bad things that occurred in relationships because of her behavior. The ability to confess when a mistake takes place and take action to fix the consequences is important for healthy relationships. 
  8. She has bad terms with her family. Most people tend to manage relationships using a template established on the basis of traumas or memories from childhood. If your girlfriend has lovely relationships with her closest ones, you can be sure of her strong sense of respect and morality. 
  9. The lack of flexibility. An ability to compromise is the core of all relationships, so you need to make sure your girlfriend is flexible enough to make concessions to you. Watch how she adjusts to new circumstances. A flexible person tries to think good no matter what.
  10. Her life goals differ from yours. It doesn’t matter how much you love each other if you have opposite life goals. A couple should have shared values and goals so you could build strong and happy relationships. 
  11. Did you know there are lots of violent women that tend to abuse a partner and initiate domestic violence? If you see your girlfriend gets cruel every time you fight, that is a red flag you should not ignore. There might be mental issues that require treatment. 
  12. A lack of appreciation can also become a problem. Even if you complete a regular everyday task like grocery shopping or dish-washing, you deserve a word of gratitude. 


Why Do People Ignore Red Flags?

Now it is time to reveal the reasons why you ignore red flags.

Relationships Rules be real

You get blinded with passion

Passion is a wonderful euphoric feeling that makes you feel happy and activates pleasure centers in your brain. At the same time, passion and strong attraction cloud judgment. It is difficult to think clearly when you are obsessed with someone. When it comes to romantic love it’s really hard to control everything around.

You are moving too fast

When you feel attached to your new lover, move together, get married, get pregnant, mix your finances. You need to slow down before you know you can see your partner’s strengths and weaknesses without being blinded by feelings. 

You pull to wishful thinking

Sometimes, when you really want relationships to work, you make yourself believe that your partner is able to change. In that case, you see things clearly, but fantasize that things will get better one day.

You don’t want to be proved wrong

For some people, it gets difficult to realize relationships didn’t work so they stay in relationships because of pride and fear of failure. 

You don’t trust yourself

If you feel that something is wrong but carry on dating someone. Or maybe you try to convince yourself that there is no need to overreact and focus on the negative. In that way, you betray yourself and devalue your own worth. 

Now when you know all dating red flags you won’t ignore and respond to it in a timely fashion. Make sure to also check an article Male vs Female Dating Strategy.

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