Characteristics Of A Cheating Woman: Evaluate The Situation Correctly

In the modern world, unfortunately, treason is becoming commonplace and one of the most popular red flags in relationships. The Health Testing Center conducted a survey of nearly half a thousand people and found out that:

  • 46% of interviewed in a monogamous relationship had another partner;
  • nearly 24% of marriages stayed together despite the betrayal;
  • 47.5% of couples whose relationships were affected by infidelity said that they established new rules to avoid betrayal in the future, such as sharing phone passwords, etc. 

If all the same, you had to face the thoughts that your partner can cheat on you, you should read our article. Here we will talk about the characteristics of a cheating woman and how to determine by the behavior of your wife whether she is cheating on you.

Female adultery is a rare occurrence, but there are reasons for it. Most often, this is the inattention of the legal spouse, his alcoholism, and sexual dissatisfaction. Women are trying to fill an emotional void, which does not mean they are ready for divorce because the family and the child remain the main priorities. Maybe your assumptions about her betrayal are false. You should not make hasty conclusions, do not arrange interrogations, and try not to bring the matter to a divorce.

How to catch a cheating woman? If you are still looking for a relationship, you should also pay attention to some signs of women that are prone to cheating. Having noticed them in someone you pay attention you should think carefully if you want to build a relationship with such a girl.

What Are The Signs Of A Woman’s Cheating?

Certain signs show a girl’s propensity for promiscuous love affairs. According to them, you can distinguish in advance such a person from honest representatives of the fair sex. Psychologists name traits that will help determine which women are prone to adultery and are not suitable for family life. Separately, they can also be found in faithful girls, but women are prone to treason use it very often.

1. She is a lover of clubs, parties, and extreme sports

Some girls are always hanging out,  spending a lot of time in clubs, and always looking for adventure. It is these representatives who in the majority are prone to treason. Of course, if a girl goes to a club, this does not mean that she is necessarily a cheater. But it is included in the increased risk factor.

As for extreme sports, science has found a gene that is responsible for a person’s propensity for extreme sports and risk. The same gene is responsible for the tendency to change. Therefore, if you have met a girl who loves and practices extreme sports very much (it can be both extreme sports and general love for adrenaline cases), then remember this scientific fact.

2. She flirts with everyone

Some facts about cheating women: girls who flirt with almost all the stronger sex are very often prone to cheating. They can flirt with both waiters and businessmen. It doesn’t matter at all whether they are in a relationship or not, such girls will flirt with others in the same way. This is not because they are bad, but because they have such a character.

3. She wears too-revealing clothes

Girls who always dress too revealingly in everyday life are prone to treason, so men should pay attention to what the girl is wearing. Usually, they have such skirts that you can see the ass, and the chest climbs out of the deep neckline. If you are looking for a girl for a serious relationship, you should not get acquainted with a girl who dresses in such a way.

4. It’s hard for her to say no

What personality traits do cheaters have? These are the most disgusting women. They cheat not because they want to, but because weakness in front of a man is higher than her status. This behavior could be rooted in childhood when the girl was taught that her main quality is obedience. This type of woman is most commonly found in occupations such as flight attendant, secretary, teacher, and nurse.

5. She acts very loose and vulgar

Another sign of a cheating woman: a girl or woman who focuses on sexual experiences is usually devoid of shame. In the company, she allows herself to sit on one of the men’s knees, crosses her legs, and shakes her foot with her shoe removed. In general, she behaves cheekily, arrogantly, and shamelessly. Such girls are very self-confident, they love flattery and compliments, and of course, they are prone to treason.

6. She has a low IQ

The characteristics of a cheating woman Reddit: as a rule, girls who are prone to cheating are not distinguished by high intelligence and abilities. In conversations, they are not ashamed to use obscene expressions. Their inner world is not rich, but the cultural level is limited to social media posts and stupid TV programs. They will not be able to conduct a conversation on serious and important topics. They usually take the conversation to a simpler topic or turn everything into a joke.

7. She has inappropriate content on social media

Girls who are prone to cheating often require male attention and most often they get it on social networks. Can a man tell if a woman is cheating? To get to know the girl you like better, you can go to her accounts on social networks or on dating sites where she is registered. If a girl has accounts on all possible social networks and regularly publishes her half-naked photos on them, created to be viewed by people of the opposite sex, then she craves male attention and it is unlikely that a permanent relationship will stop her from cheating.

8. She is more successful than many men

Girls who are successful in their careers consider themselves better than other people and in particular, men. They think that they can do anything, even cheat on their partner. Women who occupy a higher position and receive more income than their partners are more likely to cheat than those who are dependent on a man and rely on them. In cases where a woman is independent and is in higher status than her man, the subconscious mind pushes her to betray.

What Is the Behavior Of a Cheating Wife?

Most men suspect their wives of cheating. Frequent quarrels and bad mood lead a man to such thoughts. How to know if your wife is cheating on you? How to determine the signs of it? We will highlight them now.

1. The wife suddenly looks better

If your wife began to take better care of herself, although you noticed that she had not done this before. The girl usually spends more time in front of the mirror, preening. A woman always wants to look beautiful, but in a family, she could relax a little and, perhaps, not tint. A lot of girls believe that it is no longer necessary to look beautiful in front of their husbands because nothing can separate their marriage. If a man noticed such a transformation, then this is the first sign that his wife has someone who looks at her more often than her husband.

2. Your spouse becomes cold toward you 

If your wife starts to “move away”  from you for some reason and has cold behavior, this is one of the characteristics of a woman that is cheating on her husband. Now it is not you who lives in her soul, but someone else. Where before you could share stories about the events of the past day, now she should be withdrawn and thoughtful, speak and behave with caution. Such signs of a wife’s infidelity could give rise to her husband’s suspicions.

Meetings with friends became more frequent and longer, she developed new hobbies and preferences and began to stay late at work more and more often. If you arrive late, and she is not angry, as she did before, and, perhaps, on the contrary, rejoices at your delays, these are other signs of a wife cheating on her husband.

3. She wants to spend time away from home

Another obvious sign that your woman has another man: if she had never rested with her friends before, but now she suddenly wanted to. Very often, a cheating person comes up with some kind of excuses, such as shopping, trips, or delays at work to leave home or not appear there for as long as possible.

4. A woman has a good mood: she smiles more often and jokes

Traits of a cheating woman: if your spouse used to be constantly sad, didn’t talk much, or even acted distant, and now smiles a lot, you should think about it. Of course, if a lady of your heart has a lover, she will become more positive, more inspired, and filled with energy. Such a girl immediately becomes very kind, and talkative and wants to help everyone.

5. She began to hide her personal life more

If before your wife did not hide anything from you, and now she blocks her pages on social networks, changes passwords, and hides all information on the Internet from you – these are other signs of a wife’s betrayal. What are they in your situation, you need to analyze. Unless, of course, the secret is a birthday present prepared for you or something similar.

Do not forget to look at the history of visiting pages in the Internet browser. Many of them are not even aware of its existence. Going into history, you will understand what she was looking for there or with whom she communicated. If the story is erased, most likely your wife has something to hide from you.

Characteristics of a Cheating Woman: Final Word

We would like to emphasize that the above material is not a diagnosis, but only useful information for reflection. Can a cheating woman change and be faithful? Everything is possible if you and your partner want it. Try to talk with your soulmate, it is possible that she is just very offended by you, or she is simply very tired of life and work. Pay more attention to a woman, make surprises, court, call on dates, and warm up your relationship. Remember, both partners are guilty of treason! Stick to the advice offered to you and treason will bypass you.

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