How to get out of the Friend Zone. 7 Easy Steps

A friend zone is not the same as a pure friendship between a man and a woman. This is a depressive and destructive phase of relationships that you should avoid. 

Before we start finding the way out of the friend zone we need to find out a definition of it in order to know for sure if that is the case for us. Usually, the situation where one person wants to commit romantic relationships with someone who has no interest in that but loves to hang out together is commonly referred to as a friend zone. 

Let’s be friends is the phrase that means your entering into the friend zone. If your crush says that friendship is the only thing that can be offered at the moment that is the friend zone. You can be the best nicest friend to a girl, in fact being pathetic suffering from non-reciprocal feelings. 

Signs you are in a Friend Zone

Here are signs of being stuck in a friend zone:

  • She asks you to go shopping with her. Women prefer to look perfect when meeting their crush. Shopping suggests trying on clothes that may look unflattering, which means she doesn’t care how she looks to you. 
  • She uses your shoulder to cry on. When she finds it okay to discuss a bad breakup with you or tells you of her fights with some other guys that means you are a good friend to her. 
  • She doesn’t kiss you when drunk. Drunk people feel more loose and feel to show off all the hidden feelings. But if there are no romantic signs when you drink together that is the sign of a friend zone. 

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Reasons why you are there

Now we know how the friend zone looks like and it is time to talk through reasons of you being stuck in a friend zone:

  • You are always there for her. There is nothing wrong with being available for someone you have a crush on, however, you need to appreciate your time. Available guys are usually stuck in the friend zone.
  • You don’t show off your intentions properly. If you like a girl, treat her nicely but don’t demonstrate romantic and sexual signs there is a chance she is unaware of your real feelings. 
  •  You don’t think you are worthy enough. Lack of self-confidence is not the sexiest quality and does not promote you as a guy that is worth her attention. 

It doesn’t matter if there was some kind of intimacy or casual sex. There was something that pushed your crush away from you. Still, you don’t need to spend your time figuring out why she doesn’t want relationships with you. Forget about hanging on a phone with her or chatting via social media for hours. Do not push her to provide you with explanations of her feelings and emotions, don’t give her presents and flowers, that are the ways to alienate her even farther from you.

How to get out of the friend zone

The best thing you can do to leave the friend zone is to stay cool. Keep your self-control at maximum and wait until she needs you. Make her call you first. If you are an interesting and charming guy she will definitely miss you and want your company. So, being patient is the key. 

How to get out of the friend zone

You need to realize there is no chance of making her fall in love with you straight away. Getting out from the friend zone takes time and it is in your best interest to change the way you treat your crush to make her want your company. There are 7 things that you can do to get out of a friend zone and convert her from a friend into a lover. 

  1. Open up about your feelings. Women as well as men are not able to read minds. The first and most important step to get out of the friend zone is to share your true thoughts and intentions. 
  2. Discover her romantic expectations. Every girl has a vision of perfect relationships and it is better for you to get familiar with it. You need to fit her standards to make her consider dating you. 
  3. Stop being her friend. You don’t need to act like her boyfriend but shift your relationship into a romantic mode and ask her on a proper date. 
  4. Improve yourself. Girls love ambitious and successful guys that learn new things, read books, exercise, etc. Becoming a better version of yourself will help you to gain self-confidence. 
  5. Spruce up your relationships. It often happens that attempts to get out of the friend zone fail because guys aren’t able to show off their sexuality properly. 
  6. Practice flirting. Be gentle, keep eye contact, touch her softly from time to time to create that nice sexy tension.
  7. Live your life. You need to tease your crush by dating someone. We don’t mean you should seduce her friend but spend time with other women. That is the way to let her know you are a funny cool guy and other girls appreciate your company. 

It is difficult to find out how to develop a relationship with a dream girl when staying in a friendzone. But it’s even more difficult to go to practice and use all the tips and tricks mentioned below as all the situations are different as well as girls. 

You need to listen to your heart, stop making excuses for her behavior towards you, and remember that your time is valuable. Just be smart and make a proper list of pros and cons to figure out if the onion is worth peeling. In some cases, friendzone can prevent a man from starting toxic relationships with a woman that doesn’t deserve his time and attention. If your feelings are an inch deep then don’t waste your time but spend it to find someone that could make you truly happy. Make sure to also check the article: 10 Tips to Date Wisely.

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