How to Prepare for a Date. 10 Tips for Men and Women

The excitement which precedes a date with a new crush brings up unusual and thrilling sensations. Desire to fall in love fills you with a powerful energy that makes you want to fly.  But how to prepare for a date and make it perfect?

Do you want your date to be perfect? Then you need to prepare for it carefully. We will tell you, how not to waste an opportunity with your crush and establish a romantic atmosphere on a date. 

Tips for Men

How to prepare for a date. Tips for Men

Prepare for a date – Plan your date

Think over an approximate date plan in advance, including your walking route through some interesting places where you know you can’t get lost. That will help you to feel more confident and make sure you have something interesting to tell her about different parts and popular places in the city. If bad weather doesn’t allow you to enjoy the walk then you should spend time at some lovely and cozy place, not the loud one. Cinema is not the best place to spend the first date as that is the time where you should talk a lot so you both get interested in a second date. 

Show up on time

It is an excellent way to show respect for your date and start your date on a positive note. Bringing flowers is always a great idea, as most women love to get flowers. 

Less talking, more listening

It is okay to have pauses in a conversation with someone that you just met a while ago. If you are a person that gets uncomfortable when passes in a conversation take place, then you shouldn’t talk random things but ask questions. Ask your date to tell you about her hobby, favorite movies, music, favorite travel destinations, dishes choices, etc.

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The most important thing is to be truly interested in knowing her better. It is so nice to talk to someone who can listen to be that person.  

Put your mobile phone aside

Try to take care of all the important things before the date so that you will not be distracted by calls, social networks, and messages. Otherwise, the girl may think that you got no interest in her.

Be yourself

Try to tell her about the real you and the way you live your life. There is no need to pose as a superman. A truth that matters can’t stay hidden so is honest to your date if you don’t want to remain a liar. 

Compliment her

According to David DiSalvo’s Forbes post, compliments have the same positive effect as receiving cash. Who doesn’t like money, right?

Admit her attractiveness and sense of style, gilts appreciate that. Try to notice small things like her smile, bouncy curly hair, the way she laughs, and tell her how adorable it is.


That will help you to make her more relaxed, so she could show off even more of her redeeming qualities. 

Forget about your exes

Try to avoid mentioning your ex-girlfriends in conversation. Let them be in your past where they should be. You should be present and focus on your future with your current crush. God forbid, you will compare her to your exes – that is the most stupid thing to do on a first date. Do not allow the ghosts of your path to interrupt and ruin your date. 

Be positive

The first couple of dates are not the best time to complain about life and speak about your conflicts with other people. Try not to focus on negative aspects of your life when sharing its details with your crush. Any woman would prefer dating a strong man that is able to solve live issues in a positive way. When you focus on the negative, there is a possibility she won’t want to meet you again. 

Save confessions and promises for later

Despite mutual sympathy, you might feel there is no need to make promises and share plans for the future if you barely know each other. It takes different time for every person to get used to another one, so enjoy time together and let your relationships run their course. 

Tips for Women

How to prepare for a date. Tips for Women

Set the right mood

It is important to go on a date in a good mood. In case you are feeling down, listen to your favorite music when getting ready, that will help you to cheer yourself up, take a bubble bath or go to the spa, watch a romantic movie with a happy end. The better mode you have, the more confident you feel on a date. 

Set the right mood for him

Do you want your man to look forward to a date? Then you can tease him by sending some lovely, cute, or even hot photos of you. This move will make him think of you and to burn with the desire to rush on a date immediately. 

Choice of clothes

Avoid overly revealing outfits unless you want to appear vulgar. Choose a stylish dress or an elegant blouse. Clothing should hide most of the figure and highlight the gracefulness of the silhouette.

Prepare for a Date – Sexy Dress

If you prefer maxi dresses, then go for one with a seductive slit on the skirt. For a blouse, we would recommend picking the right one with a chic neckline that makes eyes bright. So make sure you know where you go when getting ready for a date.

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Pick simple jewelry that doesn’t look cheap. You shouldn’t glisten like a Christmas tree. A thin and elegant bracelet would look lovely and accent your graceful wrist slightly. Make sure to get your nails done before a date to look neat and attractive. The most important thing is to pick comfortable clothing. 

We hope this article will calm you down a bit and help you to prepare for a big day so you could relax and make the most of it. There are some things you can influence on. So, go ahead and do that. Make your perfect date.

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