Shy Girl Likes You: A Complete Guide For You To Have No Doubts

All men at least once in their lives have a question: “How to tell if a shy girl likes you?” But everything would be simple and clear if all the girls could sincerely and easily tell a man about their feelings. Many girls are shy and cannot always say about their sympathy without shyness. It is interesting to know that girls are inherently more shy than men. But there are some non-verbal and verbal signs of a shy girl likes you that a guy can recognize in a girl’s behavior and thereby determine her sympathy for him.

A look, gait, body posture, and other signals can give clear information about whether a girl is interested in dating you. In other words, a woman chooses a man she likes and gives many hidden signals that could show her sympathy to him. It is important to remember that the first step to communication and relationships should always be taken by a man. It will be essential for you to learn how to determine sympathy in the behavior of a girl. We will tell you later in the article about how to find out her sympathy for you and list all signs a shy girl likes you.

Nonverbal Signs Shy Girl Likes You

Let’s start with the fact that non-verbal communication is using body language, facial expressions, and gestures. They are divided into unconscious and conscious gestures. Of course, unconscious gestures are poorly controlled by a person, as they are based on instincts on a subconscious level. Here are a few of them.

1. Her sight

How to know if a shy girl likes you? The woman looks directly into your eyes, lingering for a split second, and then she looks away. The main thing is to determine the direction of her gaze. If she looks down and to the side, then know that she likes you. The main thing is to continue to look in her direction, and if for a short time she again raises her eyes and looks at you, then in this way she confirms her interest in you.

2. Twisting hair with fingers

How to tell a shy girl likes you? At first glance, you can argue that curling hair around fingers is a purely feminine habit. But this habit comes from the subconscious of the girl. Girls often play with their hair, throw strands of hair, twist them on their fingers, and often straighten their hair if there is an object of their sympathy in their presence. If a girl’s hair is short, she can run her fingers into the hair and ruffle them, setting herself up in a playful way, which is quickly transmitted to the man.

3. Blush on her cheeks 

Face flush is also one of the signs a shy girl likes your body language. This means the excitement of the girl, and the influence of the sympathetic nervous system, as in the case of dilated pupils. She cannot control it. A light blush that appeared suddenly means the activation of biochemical processes, the expansion of blood vessels caused by pleasant emotions.

how to know if a shy girl likes you quiz

4. Lips

Body language a shy girl likes you: when talking to her, you may notice a parted mouth and wet lips. A woman flirts a little in front of a man she likes and wants to seem sensual, and sexy and she even maybe horny in this case. The sign of this is a slightly open mouth and wet lips, which a girl can bite or lick from time to time. This sign indicates that she likes a man.

5. Changes in her appearance

How to know a shy girl likes you? A woman in love always looks better. The color and tone of the skin, the sparkle in the eyes, the timbre of the voice: all these are the positive changes under the influence of the hormones of love or sympathy. How to tell if a shy girl likes you at work? If an employee began to communicate with you at work often, suddenly changing her appearance, perhaps the reason for this is her sympathy for you.

6. Her wrists

A shy girl likes you body language: very often, displaying sympathy, a woman shows her wrist to the interlocutor. That is, she is ready to continue communication with you and shows openness towards you. Showing an open palm can also be attributed to this: for example, she looks at you, resting her chin on her fingers and turning her hand with her palm towards you. The palm in this case is like a weather vane: if it is turned towards you, then it is warmer, if it is away from you, it becomes colder.

7. She touches her accessories

How do you know if a shy girl likes you? Playing around with a necklace or chain is another direct signal of a shy girl likes you. So you can safely continue to get to know or communicate with her. In this way, she draws your attention to herself and to her outfit. This is a great occasion for you to compliment a girl, especially to admire her taste in jewelry, for example.

8. Invasion of your personal space

All people have a personal space (some have a radius of 1 meter, others have less or more), into which only close people are allowed. How to tell if a shy girl likes you at work? The woman unconsciously could make close contact with you, for example, by getting up from a chair, and leaning closer to you for a while. This includes “accidental” touching, such as brushing a speck of dust off your suit or touching your tie. At the same time, she observes your reaction, whether it is comfortable for you and whether your reaction is friendly. If you noticed that, you can start communication with her.

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9. Her legs position

A woman who feels sympathy for a man tries to sit in such a way that her legs are visible to her chosen one. She could shake the shoe on her toes and put her foot on the other so that it indicates the direction of the man for whom she has sympathy. This is another one of the shy girl likes you signs. If the man is not too far from the woman, then she can slowly intertwine her legs in front of the man’s eyes and also slowly return them to another position, gently stroking her thighs with her hand.

Verbal Signs That a Shy Girl Likes You

Women become extremely talkative, smile a lot, and joke, thereby trying to capture a man’s attention in his presence, if a guy is interesting to them. Here are other signs of a shy girl likes you.

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1. She asks a lot of questions

A woman wants to know everything about the object of interest. Asking a lot of questions, she “scans” the whole life of a man. The task is to make sure that she did not make a mistake in her choice. A woman can ask about a man’s parents, and childhood, in order to find out what kind of family model a man sees in the future. After all, she wants to understand if she could build a relationship with this guy.

2. She tells personal things

How to tell if shy girl likes you? Listen carefully to what she tells you when you communicate. The desire to share personal is a sign of trust and sympathy. Counting on mutual sympathy, a woman will be interested in the man’s attitude to the facts presented. She will gently ask what he would do, for example, in the place of the ex who offended her. If a girl shares personal things about her, then this can be regarded as sympathy.

3. Woman shows personal photos

How to tell when a shy girl likes you? If you communicate on the Internet, it will also be easy to notice her sympathy. In case a girl likes a guy, she will not miss the opportunity to show him her best photos, and at the same time photos of her family members, perhaps as a preliminary acquaintance. The more frequent romantic posts on social networks will also be sent for the attention of a particular man.

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4. Her friends know everything about you

Once in her company, you will feel that everyone has known you for a long time. Curious looks, good awareness of your hobbies, interests, work, as if you had known her friends for a long time. Most likely, the girl told everyone about you a long time ago and this is another one of the signs a girl likes you but is shy. Being carried away by a man, they automatically tell everyone they know about him, since it is he who occupies all their thoughts.

Final Remarks

We are sure that after reading our article you will definitely know everything about how to know that a shy girl likes you. You can understand the girl’s disposition towards a man by her conversation, intonation, questions, body position, gestures, and non-verbal signs. Communication can be live or virtual, it is not so important, even through social networks or dating sites a man can notice a girl’s sympathy for him. 

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